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5 Kinds Of T5 LED Tube Lights Test Report


Popular and mature Led T5 Led Tube Lights prices between USD1 and USD20, How to purchase a suitable T5 Led Tube Light base on current prices ? You will be know more about T5 Led Batten Light via reading the article hereof the 5 kinds of T5 Led test report.

5 types of Led Tube Lights for test are BATTEN-12W(Osram), WT5-LED14(FSL), LT-18W(FANCE), MHT501-17W(Mihouse) and MHT5PLUS-30W(Mihouse). BATTEN-12W(Osram) adopts plastic lamp fixture and lamp shade,WT5-LED14(FSL) adopts iron lamp fixture and glass Lamp Shade, LT-18W(FANCE), MHT501-17W(Mihouse) and MHT5PLUS-30W(Mihouse) lamp fixture and lamp shade are made of aluminum lamp fixture and PC lamp shade.

Optical Characteristic Analysis

OSRAM T5 LED  Optical Spectrum Test Report
OSRAM BATTEN-12W Optical Spectrum Test Report
FSL T5 LED Optical Spectrum Test Report
FSL WT5-LED14 Optical Spectrum Test Report
FALANS Optical Spectrum Test Report
FALANS LT-18W Optical Spectrum Test Report
MIHOUSE   MHT501-17W  Optical Spectrum Test Report
MIHOUSE MHT501-17W Optical Spectrum Test Report
MIHOUSE MHT501PLUS-30W Optical Spectrum Test Report
MIHOUSE MHT501PLUS-30W Optical Spectrum Test Report

Luminous Flux : Luminous Flux is the measure of emitting visible light volume of lightings, the higher volume, the more emitting visible light, its unit is lumen.

ProductBrandLuminous Flux (Lumen)
BATTEN-12W OSRAM 1335.7 Lumen
WT5-LED14 FSL 1400.3 Lumen
LT-18W FALANS 1519.4 Lumen
MHT501-17W MIHOUSE 1789.6 Lumen
MHT501PLUS-30W MIHOUSE 3561.2 Lumen

MIHOUSE MHT5PLUS01-30W is 2 times Luminous Flux of others’Batten Tube Lights.

Luminous Efficiency : Is the measure of emitting visible light volume of lighting per watt. the more volume, the more emitting visible light of lightings with the same electricity.

ProductBrandLuminous Efficiency(LM/W)
MH T501-17WMIHOUSE110.4 LM/W

MIHOUSE MHT5PLUS01-30W Luminous Efficiency is the highest A++Energy Grade.

Color Rendering Index: Is the measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. the highest possible CIE Ra value is 100,the higer value, the more color deacidizing. 


Both OSRAM and MIHOUE Lamp Bead CRI ARE 80.

ILLUMINANCE : Is the total luminous flux value on a unit surface, the more value,the more lighter of lighting surface.

WT5-LED14FSL128 lx
LT-18WFALANS143 lx
MHT501-17WMIHOUSE193 lx

MIHOUSE Led Lights adopt latest optical design highly enhance the Illuminance .

Heating Dissipation Characteristic Analysis

Heat is a threat to Leds, so LED heating Dissipation is important to led light and affect its Light Decay, Luminous Efficiency, CCT etc. Led heating dissipation is closely related to Led Light source and heating dissipation environment arround it.

 BATTEN-12W (OSRAM) Led Chipt Temperature
BATTEN-12W (OSRAM) Led Chipt Temperature

BATTEN-12W(Osram) adopts copper bracket for lamp bead with good heating dissipation,but its plastic lamp fixture affect the lamp dissipation,lamp bead temperature is 68.3 ℃ .

WT5-LED14 (FSL) Led Chip Temperature
WT5-LED14 (FSL) Led Chip Temperature

WT5-LED14(FSL adopts copper bracket for lamp bead with good heating dissipation, its light housing is made of iron and glass, though glass material with good dissipation, iron heat dissipation is worse than Aluminum’s and will be rusty. Lamp bead temperature is 57.2 ℃.

 LT-18W (FALANS) Led Chip Temperature
LT-18W (FALANS) Led Chip Temperature

LT-18W(FALANS adpopts iron bracket for lamp bead with bad dissipation, Though its lamp fixture is made of Aluminum, its weight is only 80g, which is thin and will be distorted, lamp bead temperature is 53.8 ℃.

 MHT501-17W (MIHOUSE) Led Chip Temperature
MHT501-17W (MIHOUSE) Led Chip Temperature
MHT501PLUS-30W (MIHOUSE) Led Chip Temperature
MHT501PLUS-30W (MIHOUSE) Led Chip Temperature

MHT501-17W(MIHOUSE) and MHT5PLUS01-30W(MIHOUE) adopt copper bracket for lamp bead and aluminum lamp fixture, both them with good dissipation. moreover, aluminum lamp fixture weight is 118g which can accelerate the heat dissipation. Lamp beads temperature are 44.4 ℃ and 54.7 ℃ for MHT501-17W (MIHOUSE) and MHT5PLUS01-30W(MIHOUE) respectively.

Led Driver Characteristic Analysis

From the upper to underneath in the following photo are MIHOUSE Led Driver ( the same driver for MHT501-17W (MIHOUSE) MHT5PLUS01-30W (MIHOUSE)), Osram Led Driver, FSL Led Driver and FALANS Led Driver respectively.

T5 Led Driver
Led Driver

Five types of batten tube lights with constant current led driver and input voltage 180-260v, BATTEN-12W(Osram), WT5-LED14(FSL) and LT-18W(FALANS) adopt IC with internal MOS tube,which make IC temperature become higher.To the contrary, MHT501-17W(MIHOUSE) and MHT5PLUS01-30W(MIHOUE) adopt led driver with external MOS tube,which higly drop IC temperature and enhance IC stability. Moreover, innormal temperature feedback circuit is add to Mihouse lightings driver,which can reduce output powwer to prevent led driver and lamp bead temperature to be higher because of innormal high environment temperature.

The quality of Led driver electrolytic capacitor is the key for led driver lifespan, Led driver electrolytic capacitor lifespan are 4000 hours and 5000 hours for LT-18W(FALANS) and WT5-LED14(FSL) respectively, though Led driver electrolytic capacitor lifespan are all 10000 hours for BATTEN-12W (Osram), MHT501-17W(MIHOUSE) and MHT5PLUS01-30W (MIHOUE), BATTEN-12W(Osram) electrolytic capacitor volume is only 4.7u.

Mihouse adopts new dimmable technology led driver,which can be switchable for 100% and 10% brightness.such invention not only providing a new choice for customers base on current dimmable ways,but also bringing 90% expense saving to customers. moreover,Mihouse dimmable way needs neither dimmer nor preliminary circuit layout, and its easy operation by a normal switch on/off design is safe and suitable for any individual and any application.

Though T5 Batten light looks like a simple light,many things to be attentive in purchase,through the above analysis, you will have premilary knowledge about T5 batten lights.You can contact us for professional free test if no professional lighting instruments for you.

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