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What is a Qualified Commercial Track Lighting Manufacturer?


Commercial Track Lighting is widely applied in commercial sites,which are not only required long working time, but also are rigirous to CCT, CRI and Beam Angle of lighiting. Therefore, neither of manufacturer and consumer is easy to produce and purchase reliable and quality commercial track lighting respectively. Mihouse, as a professional recessed and surface mount commercial lighting manufacturer to supply constantly quality and reliable led track lights to customers with its years’ commercial track lighting industry experience and responsibility to customers. What are the track lights distinctions between Mihouse and other suppliers ?

1.Self R&D switch switchable dimming driver

switch switchable dimming driver

Commercial Track Lighting with large demand to commercial applications, however dimmable track lights haven’t been universalized in scenarios for the following reasons:

1.High cost of dimmable led track light.

2.The current dimmable track lights are mainly available in Triac and Wireless Remote Control dimming, such is completely unenough to meet the commercial application requirement for the reason of one triac dimmer control between 300~500W lightings. By reason of signal disturbance and distance, which may lead to Individual lights signal reception failure for wireless remote control dimmable track lightings. It is unsuitable for commercial scenarios required several lights dimming together.

 In view of such imperfections, Mihouse self developed dimmable commercial track lighting improve the fixtures perfectly and become the ideal lightings for commercial applications. Because Mihouse dimmable led trac light is easily operate by normal switch (on/off), and its installation need neither unchangeable circuit nor extra dimmer which can bring about expenses saving.

2.Supplying long 10 years warrantysty

Commercial Track Lighting

5 years and 10 years warranty commercial track lighting was developed for the long time application need of commercial sites, solid state electrolysis and well-known brand accessories are adopted and combine with well heat dissipation and rigorous designs for such purpose.

3.Precise lighting control fixture

Lighting control fixture

Mihouse commercial track lighting adopt famous reflector, which not only emit light precisely, but enhance lighting luminous efficiency as well.

4.High CRI, Low SDCM

High CRI

All mihouse led track lights adopt high CRI LED chip, which are available in CRI80,CRI90 and CRI95, their SDCM are less 3.

5.Rigirous manufacturing process

Production of  LED lights

Anti static : Static electricity is harmful for led lamp bead heavily,which is normally neglect by manufacturer, because broken lamp bead caused by static electricity can not be detect under aging and will not work in use after some time. In order to solve the problem of broken lamp bead caused by static electricity, Mihouse sets up necessary measures at every manufacturing process to prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

Aging : All our led lights were undergone aging test of low and high voltage to ensure stability of led lamps.

High Voltage test : In order to the safety of led lights, all our led lamps were undergone high voltage test to prevent leakage of electricity.

Heat dissipation : In order to the good heat dissipation of led lamp bead, Mihouse has been insist on adopting the silicone grease of coefficient 4 above of heat conductivity though its cost is 3 times more higher than normal silicone grease.

A qualified commercial track lighting manufacturer like Mihouse is strict to its product and strives for excellence for customer.

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