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Optimize the Lighting Experience at Home

Mihouse improves the look and atmosphere of the house with our expertise in designing and manufacturing of glare-free, durable, and energy-saving LED lights.

Mihouse’s slim and sleek LED linear lights, especially the T5 LED series, can easily fit in almost any structure, such as suspended ceiling, wall, and ceiling. Our LED downlights and track lights feature with different types of installations, recessed, surface and suspended, which is widely used for main lighting or decorative lighting. We also design recessed, surface-mounted, and pendant panel lights for living room, bedroom, and kitchen, etc.

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Benefits from Residential Lighting

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    Energy-Efficient Solution

    With a luminous efficacy as high as 120 LM/W, our LED lights provide equal illumination while consuming 40% less energy than traditional lighting.

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    Comfortable Indoor Environment

    Our dimming LED lights provide an easy way to adjust light only where and when it is needed according to user preference and comfort.

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    Diverse Design

    By providing a wide selection of LED lighting and customization service, Mihouse can meet the aesthetic requirements of various customer groups.

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Find how Mihouse's LED lightings can transform the indoor atmosphere. We can also provide an IES Photometric file for simulating light.

Residential Applications
Residential Applications
Residential Applications

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