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LED Downlights Category and Installation Instruction


Led Downlights with their diversity are widely applied in indoor residential and commercial lighting design. Therefore it is necessary to know downlight basic lighting fixture structure, features and lighting effect for suitable choice of led lighitings.

1.Basic Structure of Downlights

Downlights Exploded view

1.Light Housing

To fix downlight accessories and dissipate heat of fixture.

To dissipate Led Chip heat for its lifespan warranty.

2.LED Driver

To supply electricity for Led Chip.

LED Driver classifies into constant, non constant current led driver and isolate, non isolated led driver.

3. LED Chip

LED Chip is the key fxiture for lifespan and quality of Led Light.

LED Chip basic specifications consist of Wattage, CCT, Luminous Efficiency, CRI, SDCM of Lighting fixutre etc.

4.Reflective Cup

To reflect light down as certain lighting orbit of downlight .

Luminous Efficiency and Lighting Effect vary to Reflector features distinction even base on same Light Source.


Recessed downlight 's ring diameter size bigger than lighting fixture cutout's.

2.Downlights category

CategoryLighting EffectFeaturesrecommendation
Wide Beam Angle DownlightLighting effect 01
1.Wide Beam Angle and lghting scope.

2.Soft and homogenous light.
LED Downlighting 01
Narrow Beam Angle DownlightLighting effect 021.Narrow Beam Angle and lghting scope for specific light area need.

2.Beam Angle to be Attentive in lights purchase .
LED Downlighting 02
Recessed DownlightLighting effect 031.Recessed installation fix by snap ring.

2.Luminaire cutout size need meet ceiling cutout size.

3.Luminaire height need suitable for Inside ceiling size.
LED Downlighting 03
Surface Mount DownlightLighting effect 041.Surface Mount installation on ceiling.

2.Surface Mount installation is unlimited to inside ceiling space or concrete ceiling material.
LED Downlighting 04
Waterproof DownlightLighting effect 011.Usage for outdoor ceiling and Bathroom.

2.IP Rating to be attentive.
LED Downlights 05
Anti-glare DownlightLighting effect 051.Deep Light Souce and anti – glare rfllector and unable direct viewing to led chip.

2.Narrow Beam Angle.
LED Downlights 06
Adjustable DownlightLighting effect 061.30 degree rotation adjustment for lamp lead.LED Downlights 07
Flood DownlightLighting effect 071.Wide adjustment in streching and rotation for Lamp head.LED Downlights 08
Wall Wash DownlightLighting effect 08 1.Wall Decoration lighting.

2.Single side lighting.
LED Downlights 09

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