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Panel Light Category and Specifications


Panel Light are widely used for public and commercial occasions, and people are fond of panel lights with their soft light and high brightness. However we are easily confused with panel lights’ diversity and their highly similarities in purchase.Herewith introduce panel lights’ categories and their basic parameters to help you to choose suitable panel lights.

 Panel Lights Category

1.Classification By Installation Mode

panel light of standard suspended ceiling

Recessed installation for standard suspended ceiling is the regular, simple and reliable installation mode , which is set up on the ceiling orbit and support by ceiling rail.

panel light of standard suspended ceiling

Recessed installation for metal suspended ceiling is both simple and aesthetic installation mode, which lighting slot is firmly hold on ceiling rail to fix lighting.

panel light

Recessed installation by spring clip to fix lightings on the ceiling.

Surface Mount Panel Light

Surface Mount Panel Lights .Lightings are directly install on the ceiling surface,which is both easy and flexiable. Surface mount installation is unlimited to inside ceiling space, concrete ceiling or unable recessed installation.

Surface Mount Panel Light

Hanging rope installation .It is suitable for the ceiling is too high to light on groud effectively.

2.Classification By Lighting Mode

Panel lights lighting modes classify to edge-lit and back-lit.

Edge-lit panel light

Edge-lit panel lights with slimlite light housing, lamp beads are fitted on light housing edge and light is refract out by Lighting Guide Plate(LGP). LGP is commonly made of PMMA or PS, which PMMA LGP with high transmittance but high cost and PS LGP with low cost but bad transmittane and easily turn yellow in use. LGP quality affect lamp function largely and must distinguish them well in purchase.

Back-lit panel light

Back-lit panel lights with light housing thickness beween 20mm and 30mm, and it is more thicker than edge-lit panel light’s. Lamp beads are fitted on light housing top and directly emit lights without light guiding plate,so relative to edge-lit panel light, not only is back-lit panel light more advantageous in stability and luminous efficience, but also in cost. However we must take note of light difusser material, bad PP lamp difusser with low tramsimittance and easy to turn yellow in use, quality led light difusser grade in the sequence of PC,PMMA,PS,PP.

Panel Light main specifications

Sizes : Panel Lights sizes are available in 300*300(1*1 foot),300*600(1*2 feet),600*600(2*2 feet),300*1200(1*4 feet),1200*1200(4*4 feet)

Luminous effciency : Panel Light luminous effciency range is mainly between 80lm/w and 120lm/w, panel light luminous efficiency is higher account for its wide light emitting surface if test by integrating sphere.

Dimmable way: Panel lights dimmable way can classify to Triac, 0-10v, remote controal and Mihouse switchable dimming.

Mihouse Lighting Co., Ltd. is speicalizing in the production and R&D of Led panel lights, which adopting Osram, Phillips lamp beads and superior raw material, combining with our rigorous production process can ensure our panel light with 3-10 years warranty. Mihouse led panel lights are ideal for commercial and office applications combining with our unique dimmable technology.

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