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As the main lighting for many occasions, LED downlights must supply sufficient luminous flux and work a long lifespan for specific needs in various settings.

Our LED downlights are made from advanced technology with enhanced heat dissipation and precise lighting. They’re also designed with top-of-the-line control methods for intelligent and convenient lighting, which contributes to their long lifespan. Choosing Mihouse will get you the best LED downlights offered in the market that will guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

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Custom Options

We offer both consultation and customization services so that you can accurately target the different needs of your clients.

  • Color
  • Luminous flux
  • Size
  • Beam angle
  • CRI
  • LED chips
  • CCT
  • Drivers
  • Power
  • Dimming ways
  • Input voltage
  • Packaging
  • Luminous efficacy
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Highlights of Our LED Downlights

1. Heat Dissipating

Our LED downlights are made with high-grade aluminum ensuring superior heat dissipation that extends the product’s lifespan and helps exceed the expectations of your clients.

2. LED Driver

Besides a unique dimming function, our LED drivers are equipped with a temperature adjustment module to automatically reduce power when the temperature is abnormal.

3. LED Chip

We use branded LED chips from CREE, Osram, Edison. You can also customize the color temperature to meet your specific needs.

4. Reflector / Lens

We use high-quality optical control components to ensure the light precision and efficiency of our LED downlights.


Outstanding Benefits

  • Guaranteed Quality

    Strict industry standards and guidelines are observed during the manufacturing process. Having stable performance products will help you build a strong reputation for your company.

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  • Short Lead Time

    After confirming the sample products, we will immediately proceed to mass production. This allows for short turnaround time and faster shipping, creating more trust in your brand.

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  • Multiple-Choice Dimmers

    We offer different types of dimmers, including DALI dimmers, triac dimmers, step-dimmers, etc. With these, you can aim for a wider market from countries with different dimming preferences.

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