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Mihouse LED Panel Lights are made with advanced technology to provide better illumination for particular areas. Its design is both sleek and innovative, making them ideal for a variety of indoor applications.They are exclusively designed to provide homogenous and bright lighting without any flickers, and other disruptions.

They are made of top materials, aluminum, and PC, for durability, efficiency, and convenience. For example, we use high-quality light diffusers to improve the luminous efficiency of LED panel lights.

Our wide range of panel lights and strong production capability will aid you in making a strong base for your company where you can compete with other well-known brands.

Cooperate with us and provide your clients with world-class LED panel lights today!

Custom Options

You will receive the best panel lights through our different custom options and our ability to customize even to the smallest details. You can then meet the specific requirements of your clients based on their budget and preference.

  • Color
  • Luminous efficacy
  • Size
  • Luminous flux
  • CRI
  • LED chips
  • CCT
  • Drivers
  • Power
  • Dimming ways
  • Input voltage
  • Packaging
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Highlights of Our LED Panel Lights

1. Diffuser

The diffuser is made of high light transmission material to provide evenly-distributed lights and enhance luminous efficiency, which will help you to offer top-notch and eco-friendly LED lights to your clients.

2. LED Strips

LED strips are made of LED chips from well-known brands and thermal conductive silicone to regulate proper heat dissipation, which guarantees long-lasting usage.

3. LED Driver

Our own designed LED drivers with a longer service life will help you attract customers in need of durable LED lights for demanding applications.

4. Back of the Panel Light

We use thickened galvanized PCB Board adhere to housing firmly with quality silicone grease so that LED panel lights can work for a long time without light decay.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Customization Solutions

    Our customized solutions will provide you the best panel lights according to your budget, preference, market base, and more, which allows you to meet the needs of your customers efficiently.

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  • Responsible Services

    We always do our best to address your questions and concerns right away. You can rely on our after-sales support as we aim to build a long-term partnership with you.

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  • Reliable Quality

    All panel lights go through a strict manufacturing process. They also undergo a full quality control process to ensure that you gain your client’s trust by providing them all their LED lighting requirements.

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