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Our LED track lighting are suitable for different applications, from commercial and public buildings to residential applications.Our LED track lights are equipped with self-developed dimmable drivers, which can well meet the dimming needs of commercial enterprises. We can customize various color temperatures and lighting angles for specific scenes.

We are strict and thorough with our manufacturing process and we have high-end equipment to test the quality of our track lighting. This is to boost your confidence that your LED track lights are exclusively made by highly-skilled workers with the finest equipment.

Our focus on the quality and effectiveness of our track lighting will help your company become a more reliable brandthat your clients will stick to.

Avail our led track lights to start building a stronger brand!

Custom Options

You can be confident that we will meet your requirements through our custom options enabling you to provide your clients with the right LED track lights in the most efficient manner as well.

  • Color
  • Luminous flux
  • Size
  • Beam angle
  • CRI
  • LED chips
  • CCT
  • Drivers
  • Power
  • Dimming ways
  • Input voltage
  • Packaging
  • Luminous efficacy
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Highlights of Our LED Track Lighting

1. Housing

The LED track lights are made with high-quality aluminum to ensure reliability and longevity. They are also available in custom colors that allow you to provide track lights for both residential and commercial purposes.

2. LED Driver

The LED drivers are designed to increase the lifespan of our LED track lights that allows you to address clients that need long service hours for their lighting system.

3. LED Chip

Our track lights guarantee superior performance with our branded chips whose CRI is more than 90. That will attract clients in the commercial industry helping boost your sales.

4. Reflector / Lens

We use high-quality optical control components to ensure the light precision and efficiency of our LED track lights.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Modern Design

    Catering to different modern LED lighting designs, our engineering department will offer you a wonderful solution to various needs of commercial applications.

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  • Long Service Life

    LED track lights are made of high-grade materials to enhance their stability and lifespan, which will help provide you with a stronger reputation to achieve business growth.

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  • Flexible Service

    We will come up with the best solution for your lighting needs. We do not have strict order requirements, which helps you control your expenses with minimum to no losses.

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