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Mihouse Linear Lighting are designed in a way that promotes great illumination. They have a slim and sleek design so they can easily fit in almost any structure providing natural-looking, glare-free, and high-visibility light. The parts are made of high-grade materials, aluminum, and PC for longer operational hours. With a luminous efficiency as high as 120 LM/W,our LED linear lights provide more brightness without needing too much power. They are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Mihouse Linear Lighting uses raw materials from well-known brands to ensure both the efficiency and longevity of our products. All LED linear lights go through several rigorous tests to guarantee that all products are effective and highly-reliable. Offering high-quality Led linear lights will help you build a strong client base that will ensure the growth of your company.

Check our Linear Lighting today and increase your market’s reach by targeting different applications!

Custom Options

We offer free consultation and provide professional design advice to meet your needs. You can choose an array of custom options and we can customize your orders to the smallest details.

  • Color
  • Luminous efficacy
  • Size
  • Luminous flux
  • CRI
  • LED chips
  • CCT
  • Drivers
  • Power
  • Dimming ways
  • Input voltage
  • Packaging
Patented Design - T5 TUBE lights

Patented Design
- T5 Series

Our patented T5 tube lights are designed as a sloped structure for better efficiency of light on a certain area, such as the floor, when they are mounted on walls and ceilings.

Our T5 series are both CE and RoHS certified. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including office lighting, hotel lighting, hospital lighting, school lighting, and supermarket lighting.

Because of its unique design, our T5 series features better luminous efficacy, which significantly contributes to better visibility.

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Highlights of Our Linear Lighting

1. PC Lamp Cover

The lamp covers are made from a unique plastic material that is UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and have high endurance, all of which contribute to a longer lifetime.

2. LED Chips

Our LED chips are purchased from trusted brands. We can guarantee you premium quality, better brightness, and energy-efficient LED lights at competitive prices.

3. LED Driver

We have our own LED drivers that provide step-dimming ways for different scenes. Its unique design will provide you with a more stable and convenient dimming method on the market.

4. Aluminium

Our aviation aluminum is more than 40 percent heavier than others in the market to meet the heat dissipation requirements of LED chips.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Stylish Design

    Our team of skilled engineers uses different types of software to visualize your requirements. We also have a wide range of linear lights with different designs for different customer groups.

  • Stable Quality

    Each product goes through quality checks to ensure reliability and performance. We observe industry standards during manufacturing so your customers get the best LED linear lights in the market.

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  • Fast Delivery

    We provide shipping options for you to send your products to your customers on time as this promotes quick time-to-market and gives you an advantage in the competition.

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