1X2, 1X4, 2X2, 2X4 Recessed Led Flat Panel Lights | Panel Lights
  • LED Panel Light MHPBD01
  • LED Panel Light MHPBD01
  • LED Panel Light MHPBD01
  • LED Panel Light MHPBD01
  • LED Panel Light MHPBD01
  • LED Panel Light MHPBD01

Recessed LED Flat Panel Lights


1. Mihouse exclusive R&D Dimmable method with stable quality and ease operation

2. Superior aluminum Lighting house with good heat dissipation and dazzle free design

3. Adopting high brightness and long lifetime led bead

4. Highly transparent diffuser with anti UV

5. Low blue light led flat panel light

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Products Introduction

Common switch (on / off) operation,switchable dimming between 100% and 10% brightness & power 1X2, 1X4, 2X2, 2X4 Led Flat Panel Lights available in Osram,philips Led Chip with max 120LM/W Luminous Efficiency reach 5 years warranty,Its low blue light and full light spectrum designs are ideal for residential and office applications required for eco-friendly ambience.

Light Structure

Panel Lights MHPBD01


ModelRated VoltagePowerLuminous FluxCRILuminous EfficacySize
MHPBD01-20W100~240VAC20W1600Lm80 or90+80LM/WL300*W300*H35
MHPBD01-30W100~240VAC30W2400Lm80 or90+80LM/WL300*W600*H35
MHPBD01-42W100~240VAC42W3600Lm80 or90+90LM/WL595*W595*H35
MHPBD01-42WL100~240VAC42W3600Lm80 or90+90LM/WL1195*W295*H35
MHPBD01-84W100~240VAC84W3600Lm80 or90+90LM/WL1195*W595*H35

Branded Materials

  • CREE

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