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  • T5 LED Tube Light MHT502
  • T5 LED Tube Light MHT502
  • T5 LED Tube Light MHT502
  • T5 LED Tube Light MHT502
  • T5 LED Tube Light MHT502
  • T5 LED Tube Light MHT502

T5 LED Tube Light MHT502


1.Mihouse private mould T5 design
2.Mihouse exclusive R&D Dimmable method with stable quality and ease operation
3.Available in high Powers and Lumen in comparison base on same size
4.high brightness output,low Light Decay,Flicker free and 3 years warranty
5.Available in Milky white, half transparent and transparent PC Covers
6.thick aviation aluminum Lighting house with good heat dissipation

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Products Introduction

New design MHT502 T5 Linear Batten Light are availabe in wide beam angle and homogeneous lighting.MHT502 T5 PLUS series with high brightness and output which are 2 to 3 times than same size T5 Led to replace T5 HO Fluorescent lamp perfectly,MHT502 T5 Linear Batten Light are energy efficient and with long lifespan than reuglar Linear Tube Lamp.Unchangeable circuit for installation and unneeded dimmer for dimming by utilizing Mihouse R&D switchable dimmable driver for MHT502 T5 Linear Batten Light .Low blue light and full light spectrum are available in Mihhouse led lights.

Light Structure


ModelRated VoltagePowerLuminous FluxCRILuminous EfficacySize
MHT502-5W100~240VAC5W500LM80 or 90+100 LM / W.L307 * W23 * H36
MHT502-10W100~240VAC10W950Lm80 or 90+95 LM / W.L568 * W23 * H36
MHT502-15W100~240VAC15W1500LM80 or 90+100 LM / W.L868 * W23 * H36
MHT502-17W100~240VAC17W1700Lm80 or 90+100 LM / W.L1168 * W23 * H36
MHT502-21W100~240VAC21W2100Lm80 or 90+100 LM / W.L1438 * W23 * H36
MHT502plus-8W100~240VAC8W960Lm80或90+120 LM / W.L307 * W23 * H36
MHT502plus-14W100~240VAC14W1680Lm80或90+120 LM / W.L568 * W23 * H36
MHT502plus-21W100~240VAC21W2520Lm80或90+120 LM / W.L868 * W23 * H36
MHT502plus-30W100~240VAC30W3600Lm80或90+120 LM / W.L1168 * W23 * H36

Branded Materials

  • CREE

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